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 March 26, 2023

Jesus Opened My Eyes to the Truth -  John 9:1-7, 32-33, 35-38

What this lesson is about: Jesus led me to increasingly see who He is.

Spotlight - "My Encounter With Jesus" - Do you need you life transformed? There is a message for you in these text. However, be prepared. Jesus often asked those He encountered difficult questions. He often caused them to reflect and think about their lives, their sin, and their future. He was even known to ask them to do difficult things, but this is how transformation works. Transformation happens as we encounter Jesus.



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Wednesday Night Breakthrough

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March 29, 2023

~Study of John~ The Beauty of Restoration: The Final Days of Jesus

Lesson 9 - Death Was Arrested - John 20:1-18

Study Aim: To understand the stone was not removed so Jesus could escape but that all the world could look in and see the tomb was empty.